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2017 call


2016 Call was closed at December 1, 2016.

For any enquiries about the call and the submission of applications contact us via email at

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Administrative form

  • Particulars of the applicant
  • Statement of all applications submitted by the candidate to Excellent Science calls
  • List of research stays in countries other than that in which the applicant obtained his/her doctorate
  • Statement of compliance and signed commitment to apply to Excellent Science calls through the UDC

Technical report

  • Report on the applicant’s research career
  • Summary of the research proposal (project)
  • Brief curriculum vitae

Other documents

  • Copy of the applicant’s DNI or NIE, or copy of his/her passport, only in the case of foreign nationals
  • Copy of the doctoral degree or academic certificate, which expressly indicates the date on which the doctorate was obtained
  • Other (optional): reference and motivation letters, full CV…