A modern

Created in 1989 with an innovative approach, the University of A Coruña bets on its future through the performance of international research based on quality that contributes to the cultural, social and economic advancement of society.

It is a modern, innovative and dynamic institution that is strongly committed to the integral education of its students: the broad and solid academic offer is complemented by specific cultural, cooperation, equality, leisure and sports programmes, among others.

It is structured around two campuses: A Coruña and Ferrol, with different degrees in each of them, and based in two great cities by the sea.

The University of A Coruña considers internationalization a priority. The international mobility of the university community as an academic experience is fostered through the various international programmes offered, which is complemented by the growing presence of foreign students in our university campuses. More than 500 international students and researchers visit UDC annually creating a plural and open international environment, enriched by our culture and language. In addition, UDC is immersed in the process of implementing a stable supply of courses and modules offered in English. A multilingual offering that increases the attractiveness of our university for foreign students and teachers and brings added curriculum value to UDC students. UDC promotes the collaboration with other institutions to offer international joint degrees and double degrees, with countries from the EHEA space and other strategic areas.