Close. Deadline for submission: November 4, 2022


Your application must be submitted through the UDC’s electronic office.

1. Download the administrative form and responsible declaration and fill it in.

2. Enter the electronic headquarters and upload your application form.



The Evaluation Commission will be chaired by the Vice-Rector for Science Policy, Research and Transfer of the UDC, persons holding the positions of Research Deputy and Transfer Deputy of the Vice-Rectorate, and three external researchers of recognized prestige appointed by the Rector of the UDC. The Evaluation Committee will be assisted by the Scientific Coordinator of the InTalent Program, without the condition of member, who will act with voice but without vote.

InTalent Incorporation

The selected research personnel must join the UDC within the deadlines set for the start of the R&C grant contracts corresponding to the 2021 call for proposals.

Together towards progress

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