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Normal (A Coruña)

NORMAL is the cultural intervention space of the University of A Coruña. The standard defines a response that does not require interrogation. NORMAL wants to be, however, a permanent question mark. NORMAL is not normal. This is normal for us.

At the time of its construction, 1955, the building designed by Antonio Tenreiro was the Normal School of Education. That’s where NORMAL comes from. That’s how it had always been known in A Coruña. By rescuing the name we recognize a history linked to education and, more specifically, the city school, the germ, with the Navigation and Commerce buildings, of what years later would become this University.

NORMAL , on the other hand, has meanings which, from the point of view of the cultural project we present, can only be interpreted on an ironic note: standard, rule, system, predictability or even symmetry, that is, the very thing at question here.

Esteiro University Cultural Center (Ferrol)

Specifically, the Esteiro University Cultural Center hosts the cultural offer of the campus, both courses and workshops (art, theater, music, photography …), as well as film festivals or exhibitions. It is in the own Office of the Culture Area of Ferrol and has two multipurpose classrooms, a large exhibition hall and a screening room equipped with the most modern sound and image equipment.

Here you can find information of interest about the cultural offer of the campus, comprising exhibitions, cinema series, theater, dance and university extension activities that seek to meet the cultural demands of both the university community as the people outside of it.

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