The Industrial Campus of Ferrol is a teaching and research potentiality.
It can leverage and boost the potential of both the University and industry to stimulate and create growth and progress for society.

Specifically, it has six centers in which eleven degrees are offered, seven master programmes and six doctoral programmes within the two areas of specialization that make the Ferrol Campus unique: oceanic & naval, and industrial.


The Innova Campus responds to the impact of innovation on economic growth and business development by consolidating the University of A Coruña as a knowledge center of excellence in digital, technological and humanistic innovation.
The campus innovates by leveraging the strengths and unique aspects that the university has around ICT, its hybridization with other areas of knowledge, such as the humanities or life sciences, and the development of innovative technologies in different fields, such as civil engineering, building, aeronautics or advanced biology.
Campus innova


Campus Sustentabilidade promotes excellence in knowledge for the transition to sustainable lifestyles that protect our natural resources, curb climate change and promote well-being.
The University of A Coruña responds with responsibility and determination to the current challenges of our society by committing itself to the promotion of sustainability in the areas of teaching, research and transfer of results.
Campus Sustentabilidade