Retaining research excellence in Galicia.


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UDC-Inditex is a collaboration program between the University of Coruña and Inditex with the aim of promoting the retention and return of researchers linked or recently separated from the UDC, and the attraction of national or foreign researchers who can obtain international competitive funding in research.

What does
the program offer?

Economic supplement of the Ramón y Cajal contract to reach a total salary of €60,000 per year
Own research
€40,000 per project
Relocation and installation
1.000 €

Technical advice
Preparation of ERC grant proposals…
Facilities for project execution.

Who is
it aimed at?

Researchers of any nationality who hold a doctoral degree

Have been selected in the Ramón y Cajal grants call from the Spanish State Research Agency

Sign or have signed an agreement to incorporate their Ramón y Cajal grant with the UDC

Excellent research track record in recent years and ability to generate new knowledge..

Potential as an independent researcher with evidence of professional maturity, as well as indications of a promising trajectory in their scientific career.

Ability and interest in participating in international calls for excellent science, such as ERC Grants and the European Innovation Council (EIC), or in other competitive calls from the Horizon Europe Program or other international agencies.



  • Wide ecosystem
  • Research independence
  • Adequate infrastructures


  • Welcoming environment
  • Pleasant climate
  • Wide cultural offer


  • Efficiency in resources
  • Support in the search for funding


  • ICT
  • Industrial
  • Experimental sciences
  • Social innovation
  • Engineering
  • Civil construction
  • Health
  • Humanities


The UDC aims to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic progress of society through the generation, management, and dissemination of culture and scientific, technological, and professional knowledge. The UDC frames this initiative within its purpose of executing specific actions aimed at supporting researchers from anywhere in the world to develop their scientific careers here.


In recent years, Inditex has been supporting higher education institutions, and its commitment to UDC is one of its hallmarks. Therefore, it is interested in supporting actions aimed at developing research and transparency projects to expand, renew and modernize higher education systems, as well as enhancing its entrepreneurial dimension for the benefit of society.

Together towards progress

A modern university working towards scientific excellence