New research opportunities

September is upon us and the beginning of the new academic year has come around once more with many new developments in the world of research.

The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has opened the call for «Research Challenges» R&D+i Projects as part of the National Programme for Research aimed at the Challenges of Society.

In accordance with the rules of the call, the programme’s will contribute to solving social, economic and technological problems whose aim is to solve the challenges of society. This is done through the publication of research results in high impact science and technology forums, technology transfer and the internationalization of activities.


What is the aim?

The main aim of this programme is to fund the implementation of research programmes. These programmes are led by teams from public research organisms working to resolve problems associated with the main challenges for Spanish society included in the National Programme for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020.

The challenges are spread across large areas which determine unique spaces for multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration.


What type of projects are there?

The grants covered in this call will fund individual or coordinated research projects, which can be classified according to two types, depending on the type of principal investigator leading the research team:

· Type A R&D&I projects: led by young researchers, who have already made relevant innovative scientific-technical contributions, but have not previously led research projects for national calls. Among this type of projects are the JIN R&D&I, for young researchers with either no link or a temporary link to the centre involved.

· Type B R&D&I Projects: aimed at researchers with a proven research track record. RTA R&D&I projects are included in the field of challenge 2, (Bioeconomy: sustainability of primary production systems and forestries, food health and safety, marine and maritime research and bioproducts) for the institutions and aims that were managed under the INIA-CCAA system until the implementation of the National Programme. This includes those projects whose aim is to diagnose and control pests and disease in vegetable and animal species which have been detected in Spain for the first time in the last three years.


Funding and period of implementation for projects

The grants are aimed at funding costs of staff, small equipment, material and other costs related to the aims of the project. The period of implementation for research projects will be three or four years and, in exceptional cases, for two. The Jin Projects will have a duration of three years.


How long do I have to present my application? 

The deadlines for presentation of requests are short, so we encourage all interested researchers to prepare their applications as soon as possible. These are the application deadlines:

· Subject area of Social Sciences and Humanities: 02/10/2018

· Subject area of Life Sciences: 03/10/2018

· Subject area of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering: 04/10/2018

If you have any doubts about the «Research Challenges» R&D&I Projects, you can contact us by email, or by telephone +34 981 167 173 or request a meeting via Skype.


Upcoming calls

In October the upcoming call for the ERC Consolidator Grants (CoG) will be announced. A great opportunity to consolidate your own project or research group. At InTalent we have prepared a post with 8 questions you should ask yourself if you want to apply.

And, if you still have doubts about the ERC Consolidator Grants you can contact us on email at, on telephone at +34 981 167 173 or request a meeting with us via Skype. We will be delighted to assist you!


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