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Javier Garrido: “The UDC is firmly committed to the attraction and retention of talent”

The third call for the InTalent-UDC Inditex Programme is now open. The programme is a collaboration between the University of A Coruña and Inditex for the recruitment for a maximum of three years of renowned postdoctoral researchers with extensive international experience.

In the previous edition more than 80 signs of interest were received from researchers from around the world.

We interviewed Javier Garrido Barral, who is coordinator of the UDC-Inditex InTalent programme alongside José Mahía.


1. In previous editions of the InTalent Programme you received more than 200 requests, so what are the expectations for this 3rd call?

We are confident that the same level of interest from the two previous editions will be maintained. We are delighted with the response being shown for the programme and the standard of the applicants and scientists selected thus far. The fact that researchers from all 5 continents and from 40 different nationalities have applied reaffirms the knowledge that the programme was designed appropriately.

Although the UDC is a young university, we sense that it is attractive to researchers and we hope that this interest is maintained in this new call.


We are delighted with the response received by the programme and the standard of applicants and scientists selected thus far


2. What do you think are the main reasons as to why a researcher should apply to the InTalent programme?

Before I mentioned that the Universidade da Coruña is a young university and we believe that this is an opportunity for the chosen researchers.

Those who decide to commit to the UDC will find a modern university, with cutting-edge technological centres making every effort to keep their needs in mind, to ensure they have optimal facilities for carrying out their projects. In addition, we promote independence for researchers so they can develop their own lines of research with their own teams. We at the UDC offer them all the support they need through the programme to help in any way we can, because in the end their success is our success too.

If I had to make a list, these would be the main reasons to apply to the InTalent Programme:

1. The University of A Coruña is a young, modern university, with cutting-edge technological centres

2. The UDC makes an effort to keep the researchers’ needs in mind, ensuring they have optimal facilities to develop their projects

3. We commit to independence for researchers providing all researchers the opportunity to develop their own lines of research


3. Apart from the InTalent Programme, what other research initiatives are being carried out at the UDC?

The UDC is firmly committed to the attraction and retention of talent, as defined in the University’s strategic plan for the period 2013-2020. This commitment on behalf of the university is shown by the setting up of the berce programme, which includes a series of specific actions aimed at both researchers from the UDC and scientists from any part of the world who want to apply to excellent science programmes through the UDC.

My colleagues who are leading this project are doing a fantastic job and we have noted an increase in the interest of young researchers in applying for this type of calls. Even though the programmes are highly competitive, they feel more confident about their chances of success thanks to the technical assessment provided to them.

Similarly, the UDC has recently launched the Programa Euro+, aimed at offering a series of support services to those UDC researchers who apply to international R&D programmes. Euro+ offers transversal support, such as promotion activities, support with preparation and sending of requests and in the carrying out of projects awarded.


The UDC is firmly committed to the attraction and retention of talent, as defined in the University’s strategic plan for the period 2013-2020


4. One of the main aims for the UDC to attract talent is through securing ERC funding. What opportunities does Galicia offer this type of researcher?

The regional government recently created the Oportunius Programme, the aim of which is the retention of research talent. Through this programme, researchers who have obtained an ERC Grant and develop their project in the UDC will be given an indefinite contract as “Distinguished Researchers”. This represents a clear commitment by the regional government to the stability of high potential researchers.


5. In addition to the ERC Grants, what other calls can excellent researchers apply to in order to carry out their projects at the UDC, and what specific support is available in this regard?

We are noticing that both local and national governments are gradually shifting the emphasis towards the recruitment of talent. The well-known national programmes, such as “Ramón y Cajal” and “Juan de la Cierva”, have been joined by a new programme from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, known as “Beatriz Galindo” and this dedicates these funds to the recruitment for a minimum of 4 years, of people with research and teaching experience abroad by Spanish public universities.

On a European level I would highlight the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, belonging to the pillar of Excellent Science within the European research framework of the Horizon 2020 programme.

At the UDC we encourage the participation of young researchers in these programmes, and specifically through the previously mentioned  berce programme we inform and advise researchers who are intending to present their applications through the UDC. Those who are interested can contact us at our email address intalent@udc.es, we will be delighted to attend you.


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