Investigadores InTalent

The InTalent programme announces its first 2 excellent researchers: Elena Pazos Chantrero and José Antonio Cortés Vázquez

The presentation of the first 2 researchers from the first edition of the InTalent UDC-Inditex programme took place last Monday the 17th April in the Chancellor’s Press Room at the University of Coruña. The event was presented by Julio Abalde, the dean of the UDC, and by the vice-chancellor for Scientific Policy, Research and Transfer, Salvador Naya.

The researchers are Elena Pazos Chantrero and José Antonio Cortés Vázquez who were selected from a total of 122 requests from 20 different countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Investigadores InTalent

José Antonio Cortés Vázquez, Julio Abalde, Salvador Naya and Elena Pazos.

Elena Pazos Chantrero completed her doctorate at the University of Santiago Compostela in 2012 under the supervision of professors José Luís Mascareñas and M. Eugenio Vázquez, working on the synthesis of fluorescent sensors for the detection of proteins involved in cancer. In the coming years, she will join the Advanced Science Research Centre (CICA) at the UDC to work on the development of chemical tools with applications in Biomedicine. Pazos Chantrero states that “it is an honour to be one of the 2 awardees in the first edition of the InTalent programme”.

With regard to José Antonio Cortés Vázquez, he is a graduate in Environmental Sciences and a doctor of Social Anthropology from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla). His research focuses on human relationships with the environment from a cultural and ecological point of view, through the study of rural coastal communities in protected natural areas. In the coming years, his research will focus on the social impact of environmental policy in the protected natural areas of Eume and Carnota, a project he will carry out at the Faculty of Sociology at the UDC. When asked about the InTalent programme, Cortés Vázquez indicated that “the fact there are programmes such as InTalent which favour research and which have institutional support, is something to be thankful for”.

Julio Abalde, dean of the UDC, highlighted the quality of all the candidates who applied and regretted the fact that only 2 could be selected. In addition, he commented on the international trajectory of both Elena Pazos Chantrero and José Antonio Cortés Vázquez, and thanked Inditex and the Office for Research Results Transfer (OTRI) for their involvement in the InTalent programme.